XT-Tenere is a resource website showcasing my interest in the Tenere family and similar adventure bikes such as the XT 225 Serow.

You will find how-to posts, technical information, modification experiments, parts (new, used and custom), videos, and my personal thoughts on a range of adventure bike subjects.

Learn & Reference

Through insightful blog posts, videos and diagrams I hope that you kind find something new to learn about these bikes. This is a community website and your contributions are most welcome, please get in touch if you have something to add.

You can also find references to manuals, other downloadable documents and useful website links on the Resources page.

XT600z Yamaha 3AJ Original Poster

Projects To Inspire

I am passionate about adventure motorcycling, I hope that some of my Bikes and the trips that they have taken me on, inspire you to take your own adventure, put that old project back on the road or just go for a ride and appreciate your motorcycle as much as it deserves.

XT600z Tank and Fairing with Chesterfield BYRD decals

Build & Customise

As I progress through my own projects, I tend to collect extra parts. Whether I sell those parts on here, tell you how to find yours or produce my own custom parts for your purchase, find those here!

I am passionate about producing specialised Decals for our bikes and I often take custom requests from around the globe. Enquire here.